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Heeeey um well well well
Hey, I know... it's been a minute since I dropped ya some heat, the competition kinda steep, but the crown I'll keep.
Stay one hundred steada ninety-nine.
Got a...point to prove out to win not lose, no more rummaging through these twos and fews. It's my time to shine.
Game be sold and not to be told, some of yall running round feeling mighty bold. No more tellin' lies.
Ya need to...learn the business fo ya make big moves, gotta make sho that cha blue cheese is cool. No doubt I'm gone get mine.
Said I'm...still in the limelight just not in the streets, I heard the people wanna know what's going on with me. I'm here and I will survive.
I'm... up on my hustle staying up on my grind and headed to the top stays on my mind. I will still rise, without a doubt.
Somebody said that you was looking for me.
(I'm still here my voice will never die, without a doubt)
but you know exactly where I be.
Said it's my time,
(it's my time to shine, without a doubt)
and I know that I'm gone rise, yeah
I'm coming for mine
(No doubt, I'm gone get mine, without a doubt)
Ya out here sellin pipe dreams,
(stay one hundred stead of ninety nine)
tryna make the people believe
No more tellin' these lies.
(no more tellin' lies)
I can see right through the disguise.
You know I'm coming for mine.
(it's mine time to shine, without a doubt)
See ya might wanna place yo bets on me,
(you know I'm gone get mine, without a doubt)
Cause I'm playin on the winnin' team
I ain't worried with what they say about me,
(I will still rise, without a dout)
Got they mouth hangin' open in disbelief.
I'll be sittin' right here countin' my blue cheese.
(No doubt I'm gone get mine)
Without a Doubt that's where I'll be.