The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” ” - Roy Ayers

As a Seattle native, it was apparent that LaVeatra D. Hood, (also known as Elle), was bound to be talented. The name alone proved it. "LaVeatra" stems from the French and Latin vocabulary origin, and means "For Love of Life", and the name couldn't be more fitting. 

For over 20 years LaVeatra D. Hood, (known to most as Elle), has been involved in the performing arts world. In early years, Elle was part of community drill teams, theater plays, musicals, choirs, and various talent shows. It seemed that this would soon prepare her for future endeavors.  

In 2015, technology assisted LaVeatra, (also known as Elle), in getting a freelance piece she shot, via cell phone, award winning attention. She joined her new radio family at KKSH206.1 hosting a show called "Soulfood Sundays", in which she was recognized by her radio tag, Xclusively Elle. "Soulfood Sundays" was a two part show. "The Morning Dew Show", which highlighted Contemporary Gospel and Holy Hip Hop Artists, and "The Sunset Show", which highlighted Neo-Soul and R&B Artists. The show was later nominated and won in the "Best Buzz Media" category at the Seattle Sound Music Awards in 2016.  

While working in radio, Elle released an EP called "ElleXentric" later in 2016, that had a Neo-Soul/Funk Hybrid feel to it. She begin performing all over the Greater Seattle/Tacoma area.  

Elle became the CEO of her own radio station in 2017, and named it XEEX97.4. This would incorporate both her radio and stage tag initials. It would also pay homage to her high school performing year (1997), as well as the FOUR area codes she grew up in, and hung out around (206, 425, 253, 360). This station is currently syndicated running under the KryKey, Blogtalk, and Anchor Networks.  

In 2018, Xclusively Elle teamed up with the Founder of the Seattle Sound Music Awards, Michelle Williams (also known as Lady Scribe), to assist in co-hosting "She Ready Radio" sponsored on KKNW 1150am Talk Radio. Elle, also released her single, "My Time", that same year, under her stage name ElleXentric. One year later, "Without A Doubt", in 2019 was released, which led her to winning "Best Female Vocalist" of the year.  

With the plight of an International pandemic, performances started to come to a halt, however, Elle didn't let that defeat her. She launched her own shoe line "XEEX, THE COLLECTION" in 2020. 

To date, LaVeatra Hood, (also known as Elle),  is working on another single due to be released in 2021, and she has partnered with Diva Ebony B, (CEO of DivaSpot Entertainment), to launch a podcast on the anchor app, as well as YouTube called "Beat Street Divas". 




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